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Mini ceramic cone vase with orange glass tulip flower bouquet

Mini ceramic cone vase with orange glass tulip flower bouquet

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OrA miniature ceramic vase containing a bouquet of everlasting handmade orange glass tulip flowers. The prefect gift for Valentines, Mother's Day or an anniversary.

The flowers have been made individually by me on a mandrel using a torch so there are never two exactly the same. Each one is then carefully annealed in a programmable kiln and thoroughly cleaned before adding the copper wire stems and adding them to the vase.

Your vase contains five individual glass flowers on copper stems plus two twisted copper tendrils. The stems are 12cm long.

The miniature cone vase is made by me from porcelain clay. The top of the vase has been glazed with a choice of four colours. Please choose which colour vase you would like when you place your order. The ceramic vase is 70mm high and 38mm in diameter at its widest.

The overall height of the vase plus the flowers is approximately 110mm.

Your mini ceramic vase and bouquet of flowers will be sent out to you nestled in tissue paper in a white gift box.

Made in UK, Guildford, Surrey.

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